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Asphalt Flowers is the child loving, fashion finding, crowd sourcing, gem mining, finger pulsing, trend blasting, word giving, thought seeking, wit blitzing brand new kids on the blog.



Mica Lamb

Best of luck to every little-un starting primary school (and mums/dads/carers - it's a big old day), to each and every tween starting secondary school (ARGH!!) and all the kiddos simply going back to the same old school. It's a bit of a shock after a long, super-fun (if not hot) summer, and to us, the biggest shock was going back to black. And grey.

The odd Hi-de-Hi blazer (you know who you are, @COLA_Shoreditch) notwithstanding, it's off with your summer togs and on with yer sober suiting. Though we're not huge fans of uniform we do see it's practical, democratic and all that stuff - but where's the fun in that? And when did the gods of education decide that kids should dress up in suits. And why, when global warming is high on the educational agenda is there nothing sustainable about the clothes they have to wear. GARGH! Anyway, we'll put a sock in all that for now and, instead of celebrating back to school with sober PE leggings and muted tights, we're giving planet-friendly layering and colour a big old shout out. It's funny old weather in September. 22-degrees one day, 15 the next, a cosy cardi can make the difference between toasty and cold-y. Take our 3 birds tee. Bright and cheery. Cosy it up under our Coral cotton cardi. Lovely!

Then take an upshirt. Any upshirt.

And when the wind blows, pop it under this retro beauty.

If you're embracing autumn mists and all that biz, try our Deer in the Woods top, under our fab Mr Fox jumper and over cool pale jeans or our lovely moleskin autumn shorts.

In short, everything our dudes and yours need for a cosy, colourful autumn.