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Asphalt Flowers is the child loving, fashion finding, crowd sourcing, gem mining, finger pulsing, trend blasting, word giving, thought seeking, wit blitzing brand new kids on the blog.


Happy Earth Day! Please Buy Less.

Mica Lamb

Yes that's right. We're a shop and we're urging you to buy less. But y'know, better to buy one thing made to last than fast fashion - especially given it's the second most polluting industry on earth - oil wins that contest - and an industry responsible for 7 tonnes of clothes landfilled every 10 minutes in the UK alone. Which looks like this, by the way. 

 From 1 Million Women

From 1 Million Women

Fast fashion prices might be low but it feels too high a cost.

The good news?

Every time we extend a piece of clothing's life by just three months we reduce it's carbon, waste and water footprint by an incredible 10%.

Luckily we specialise in planet-friendly, way-cool togs made to last - hand-me-downs of the future. Check these beauties out.

 Unisex Jeans by The Fableists now only £20

Unisex Jeans by The Fableists now only £20

London-based brand The Fableists make super-stylish ethical clobber, using organic materials, designed with longevity in mind.

Most of it's unisex to be handed down to any sibling, cousin or friend, and they're way sturdy - so, many years of tree climbing and bike riding ahead.

These jeans won't go out of style and will age nicely like proper thick denim does. Buy a size too big and rock XL turn-ups for a year, that way you'll get two years per child owner. On sale right now - that's £20 well spent.

4funkyflavours also use clever design to give their kidswear a nice long life. Sleeves have extra length and hems are low to allow room to grow.

 As You Are Jumpsuit on sale for £30

As You Are Jumpsuit on sale for £30

4funkyflavours love an elastic waistband: so skirts grow with you and jumpsuits sit baggy on the hip or snug in the waist - and look fab for several inches of upward trajectory. 

 Drops Dress on sale for £30

Drops Dress on sale for £30

We can vouch from personal experience the dresses look super cute a couple years on layered over skinny jeans, and still in good nick for a second life via ebay.