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Asphalt Flowers is the child loving, fashion finding, crowd sourcing, gem mining, finger pulsing, trend blasting, word giving, thought seeking, wit blitzing brand new kids on the blog.



Mica Lamb

We talk a lot about ethical clothing - always trying to find a piece that's sustainably sourced, harvested, dyed, created and shipped with minimal negative impact, made by workers who are properly paid.. Oh, and cool and groovy too. It's a long old list.

For us, though, top of the lot is the humble Upshirt. It's properly upcycled, made in an ethically audited factory in Bangladesh using only the little bits of jersey that would end up on the floor (if they weren't carefully caught, put to one side and saved) and swept into landfill.

Brainchild of Estonian ethical design pioneer (and, fortunately for us, fashionista) Reet Aus, Upshirts don't just look way cool - and, oh yes, they do - they are also made of beautiful quality jersey (some of those off-cuts come from mighty fine tees).

 Environmentalist and fashion designer Reet Aus

Environmentalist and fashion designer Reet Aus

There's loads of facts and figures we could share about how right-on an Upshirt is but here's our favourite few... Reet Aus' Upcycled collection uses, on average, 75% less water and 88% less energy, yielding a carbon footprint 80% lower than your average garment. And when you think that fast fashion is the second 'dirtiest' industry on earth, and that it's currently worth about, oh, $3,000 trillion dollars, it makes you realise what a difference it would make if we all bought an Upshirt instead of a regular tee.

 Close up of the Upshirt tag

Close up of the Upshirt tag

Of that we can but dream. Having said that this season, we've some super dreamy new colour combos, yellow or aqua with grey and a lovely soft pink. They make great gifts too - bright enough for little ones, cool enough for tweenies, durable enough for mums and dads and the best present for our planet money can buy. Go on. You know you want to.